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So... Currently sitting here with a head full of ideas, practically fuzzing around my brain like cotton balls. And nothing on paper. And so many other things I should be writing.

So, who wants to write comment!fic with me?

C'mon, you know you wanna.

I'll even start us off:

It was a dark and stormy night.

That probably should've been the tip-off.

But for Xander Harris, who knew better than to rely on the cliche when gauging the current safety of the Hellmouth, rain was never an issue. He'd spent nights in worse when he was young and too scared to go home, too prideful to ask Willow or Jesse for their couches yet again. And thunder had never frightened him like it should've-- though for a very long time he'd wished his father would get struck by lightning-- so to him it was all a light show, a fireworks display.

The spooky Hellmouth stuff happened on clear nights too. Clear days, even. So Xander was not at all suspicious of the ominous roll of thunder overhead, even when he found himself sopping wet and on the other side of town, with no clue of how he got there, and barely half a clue as to where he was. One minute he was leaving the cemetery, picking fledge dust out from under his nails, mind in a daze as it tried to focus on something that wasn't a certain bleach-blonde Brit, and the next minute he found himself here.

At "Bull's".

The most demon infested gay bar in Sunnydale.


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Jun. 28th, 2011 03:28 am (UTC)
Slumping down at a relatively clean space at the bar, Xander silently observed the clientele over his beer.

Two gay men probably together. Short, slightly shorter than Spike.

Talking to a single man, heavier. Blonde hair. (Not as bleached as Spike’s.)

Sitting next to extremely tall man sulking and glaring at his drink. Probably a demon in disguise – too tall, too lean, face awfully angled cheekbones terribly sharp. Looking directly at him now. Not as good looking as Spike.

Gentlemen clad head to toe in leather, trying to work up a conversation with too-tall man. Defiantly human. Losing his hair. Not looking as good as Spike would look in that outfit.
Xander downed his drink and motioned for another one. Somehow, some way, he needed to stop thinking about Spike.
Jun. 28th, 2011 04:25 am (UTC)

It was a dark and stormy night.

For some reason, the rain was less of a bother than the hot, dry air in this bar.

His stout was right, at least. Imported and dark as the current sky, the new moon providing very little reassurance that his decision to come here tonight was a good one. But new moons were never his friend. New moons brought back memories of a time when he'd put them to good use.

They'd made their best magic on new moons. Without touching runes or ancient tomes or anything but each other. Sometimes high, sometimes not. Sometimes in love, sometimes not.

Sometimes it would rain like this, and the thunder would mingle with his voice until every rumble sounded like Ethan in the sky, groaning "Harder" and "Ripper" and "More".

He took a long gulp of his stout.

There was a Kribblestyk at the bar, muttering to a couple of idiotic boys looking for a third. They'd be dead by morning, but at this moment, he felt like they'd be getting what they deserved.

After all, that's what you get when you try to play with hungry soulless things.

The thunder murmured "Ripper" again, and he clutched his glass, wondering when he'd stop hearing that voice.
Jun. 28th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
Head buzzing with unwanted thoughts, Giles tried to distract himself by sizing up the clientele.

Extremely tall and gangly man with severely angled face…..probably finds lots of other-worldly friends to spend time with due to his unfortunate resemblance to a Yinthfar demon. Ethan would refer to him as “Deformis et raucus” (ugly and horny.)

Gentlemen in badly fitting leather jacket. Losing his hair. Ethan would refer to him as “calvus et deformis” (bald and ugly.)

Male or possibly female Kzbpe demon, not bothering with a disguise. Ethan would be ready to trade sexual favors for some bloodroot stones for fullmoon magic.

A short 3-fingered Suzopr demon, clambering up to the stool to engage in conversation with a human that looked strikingly similar to Xander.

“Body-double,” Ethan would have called him.

A deep sigh surprised the men around Giles, surprised even Giles himself. But the lad resembled Xander in more ways than one….the mop of hair begging to be stroked, the strong, muscled shoulders clothed in a rumpled shirt. The shoulders were slumped the same way Giles had seen Xander slump, in exhaustion or frustration, the kind of posture that made Giles
want come up from behind, maybe stroke some of that wild hair into place, even touch the hairs at the base of the neck, and ask his fellow ‘scooby’ what had left him feeling so defeated.

Which was a stupid idea.

After all, He was here to find a body-double substitute for Ethan From, not Alexander Harris.

* * * * *

The 3-fingered Suzopr demon clambered up to sit on the stool next to him of all the dignity of a man who considered his 4’7 height the norm and everyone else the freak. With both red hands on the bar he was quite comfortable with who he was and who he was talking to, and he started the conversation right away.

“So why did you come here?” he asked.

Xander’s day had been too long to be surprised by anything now. He gestured with his beer. “Drinkin’.. Why did YOU come here?”

“Breathing". Came the squeaky reply. “Told I hadn’t lived until I came to the hellmouth and breathed the air. But I’m about done with it…..gonna’ get back to LA and my nice sewer and get on with my life.

“So, word on the street is you kill our kind. Come here to kill our kind tonight?

“Not tonight,” Xander said.

“Then why ARE you here?” the little red man asked frankly.
Jun. 28th, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC)
He thought about it. Seriously thought about it, like he hadn't been asking himself that very question since he'd walked through the door. Turned the question over and over in his mind, beer sliding from one hand to the other. The sound was soothing, but not enlightening.

He thought about what Spike would say, mind painting a vivid picture of the vamp lounging against the bar, elbows digging into the sticky faux-marble bartop, usual sneer on his lips. Probably "M'bored", or something equally as petulant, because with a cigarette between his lips he could make petulant sound badass. Yeah. "M'bored", with the 'o' stretching out into the 'r', making it one letter, one sound that was more 'o' than 'r'. That fucking accent. He always had to sound so smooth.

But Xander didn't have that magical coolness capability, so took a long gulp of his beer and licked the bitterness from his lips. "Trying to drown the accent in my brain." He quipped, looking down at the amber liquid in his hands. "Or myself. Whichever comes first."

The Suzopr looked confused, three fingers tapping on the bar in rapid succession. "Accent?"

"The one that's calling me a 'bloody id'jot child'. His words, not mine." He smiled faintly at the memory, the way Spike's hands shoved him into the wall, lingering on his shoulders for a moment before returning to the fray. They'd been up against the usual demon-of-the-week, and apparently he'd gotten in the way. But the touch buzzed through him for a too-long moment, and he'd walked home in a blissful state of wanting, still feeling the ghost of its pressure.

The Suzopr smiled faintly. At least, it looked like a smile. Sort of. "Ah. English. Known a few in my time. Very sexy."

"God, yeah." He sighed, swallowing the last of his beer and waving to the bartender for another. "What is it with that accent? Makes my dick wake up and say 'hello'."

"Wish I knew." The Suzopr leered. "Older?"

"Much." He found himself grinning, shaking his head at his own pathetic attraction to danger. "Body of a porn star, swagger of a rock-star. Practically made of badassery."

The Suzopr looked suitably impressed. "He know about your little side-hobby?"

Xander scoffed. "Oh yeah. He knows." Then shut up, because he was supposed to be forgetting about Spike. Hell, he was supposed to be home right now, washing fledge out of his hair and clothes.

Thinking about Spike.

Fuck this... He sighed softly, turning to his Suzopr companion. "And I take it you're here to get laid?"

Jun. 28th, 2011 11:17 pm (UTC)
Suzopr scoffed. “I’m here because it’s pouring rain. During the day I’m here because I HATE this sunlight. No smog to dull it like in LA. I really hate it here. Tunnels and sewers aren’t friendly. I’m leaving tomorrow. I just came thinking you’d be paying to get some information…..the word on the street.

“Are you? Looking for information?”

“No, sorry.”

“Wanna get laid then?”

“No, sorry,” Xander deadpanned, gazing into the bar mirror,
the one showing about half the clientele that was actually present. He had realized it just now......having sex with demons was what he was here to forget.

“Your loss,” the short fellow said and clambered down the stool, disappearing into the taller crowd.

*** *** *** *** ***

Giles watched the exchange with amusement. He was out of his seat and headed toward the young man, even while Ethan was arguing in his head. “Your cheating on my body-double with the body-double of a kid? You whore. You can’t get your body-double to beg you to do it ‘harder’ like I can.”

"Fair point," said the voice in his head, then settled back into the distant thunder, growling "Harder" and "Ripper" in the distance.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Xander was looking deeply into the depts of his beer. “Why AM I here?” he asked it, but it had no real answer.

“Bloody Suzopr demons, so very sure of themselves,” came an accented voice from behind him.

Oh God, not another Brit! Xander didn’t even look in the mirror. What was the point? There was probably no reflection, anyway.

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Jul. 2nd, 2011 04:32 am (UTC)
Xander’s eyes were half-closed, concentrate on the amazing sensation that was this man’s hands on his body. He wanted nothing more than to stay this way forever, his skin under the Watcher’s hand, his erection pressing shamelessly into this man’s thigh, his tongue tasting of that warm mouth.

But that was not meant to be. Startled voices were coming from the direction of the bar, and some well-honed part of Xander’s brain (that was still working) forced him to pay attention. “Giles,” he whispered, using his hands on the Watcher’s arms to force a little space between them. “Giles,” he said again, sounding (feeling) drunk. “We need to clear out of here.”

Giles turned his head to looked towards Bull’s. Some patrons were entering to see the action, others, mostly human, were fleeing the bar. “I quite agree, my car is this way,” he replied and the two men quickly headed away from crowd, crossing the street and entering another parking lot.

Giles led him to the passage side door, but before he could unlock it Xander pulled him into a tight embrace again. This time, Giles did not try to talk himself out of it, but held the younger man close to him.

“I can make it stop,” he said, and his voice sounded so strange to his own ears, as if it were breaking, as if he had been crying all this time. “It’s just magic, Xander,” he said as the boy pulled away to look into his face. “Like a hex or a spell, it can be countered. There is a way.”

Speechless, Xander nodded.

“Xander, will you …. will you come back to my apartment? Will you spend the night?”

“Oh fuck yes,” Xander moaned, kissing him hard and fast, then squeezing him as tightly as possible before letting the man go. Soon both doors were unlocked and they were leaving the scene and headed back to sanity.

Thank god,” Giles thought, as he sped home as fast as he dared. “Most of what I need is on hand….the hex books are in the cabinet and these things usually require nothing more complicated than salt and white candles. Rose petals maybe, some grow in the courtyard. We’ll gather the graveyard dust by daylight. I have Xander here physically with me and I still have things owned by Ethan, you shouldn’t have left your books behind Ethan, you sick, greedy bastard.”

Thunder rolled behind them and Giles could easily hear Ethan mocking him. “If you can keep your hands off him long enough…..” he was suggesting……

Thank god, Xander thought as the safety of the comfort of Casa Giles drew nearer and nearer. “No more jacking off in the dark all alone.” He hadn’t been in bed with a man since forever, since high school graduation, to be precise, but tonight that was going to end. The fact that Spike had somehow put a spell on him, that Spike WANTED to put a spell on him, was still banging around in his head, information looking for a place to settle. All Xander knew right now was that an hour ago he thought no one wanted him, and now he knew that TWO men, two very, very sexy men, wanted him pretty badly. “The magic stuff I’ll get you to explain later, G-man” Xander thought silently. “Tonight just take me to your bed. I’ve been too lonely for too long. Tonight just let me lay underneath you and know I’m yours.”
Jul. 2nd, 2011 03:57 pm (UTC)

The apartment was pitch dark when they got there, and for that Giles was thankful. A small measure of sanity had returned during the drive, enough to remind him that this was probably not a good idea. But it seemed like every time he got close to that budding panic he was supposed to be feeling, Xander would touch him, or look at him, or breathe out a soft little sigh that would make him want to kiss him again…

Christ, the boy is like a drug… He swallowed, peering over his shoulder at him as he entered the apartment, knowing that the moment he shut the door there would be nothing stopping them.

Xander took care of that for him, kicking the door shut and propping his shoulders against it as if he was afraid Giles might try to leave. His eyes, close to black in this light, locked with his own and held on, daring him to take what he wanted. Promising things that made his stomach twist and his cock stiffen. Dear Lord, this was Alexander Harris? This tempting, addictive treat of a man, calling to him, making him want to possess every shred of him; this was the awkward teen he’d saved and been saved by, time and time again?

Before the thought could fully sink in, said awkward teen grabbed a fistful of his button-down and dragged him into another one of those mind-altering kisses. The heat of his skin bled through his flimsy muscle shirt, so that when Giles fell against him, it felt so good that he couldn’t move away. In fact, he wanted more. So he cocked his head to the side, tracing his tongue along the boy’s bottom lip, and his hands took hold of the collar of that blinding plaid over-shirt, shoving it off his shoulders until Xander took the hint and let it drop to the floor. God Yes… his mind sighed, no longer able to resist this, and in fact, really quite confused as to how he’d been able to before. He pressed flush against him, soaking up all that heat because he needed it. Because he’d been frozen solid since he came to Sunnydale, trying to be responsible, trying to be a Watcher, the Watcher. And God knows, Xander Harris had been trying to warm him up since the day they met.

Giles--” The boy gasped, head falling back against the door, lips swollen with kisses. By God, he looked like something out of a fantasy. Unable to resist, he leaned in and pressed a kiss just beneath Xander’s jaw, grinning as he felt his breath hitch. His hands dipped beneath the muscle-shirt, peeling it up and away from his boy’s stomach and chest, and Christ, his body was taut with tension, muscles hard, chest heaving as though he’d been running. And he was so bloody gorgeous that the Watcher’s knees went weak. All these years of seeking out gentlemen friends to fill the void Ethan had left, when he could’ve had this?

“How can anyone not want you, Xander…?” He breathed, one hand pinning that shirt above his chest as the other made a careful, examining journey over those muscles. Every one of them flexed and clenched with tension beneath his fingers, and he licked his lips, wishing he could spread him out on his bed and taste them, feel them seize one by one beneath his tongue. Thunder rolled outside, trying to invade his concentration, but his mind was locked on the image of Alexander Harris, all mortal and muscle, tied to his headboard, squirming beneath his tongue as every tight inch of him begged for his attentions.

He liked it. Ethan always had the best taste.
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Jul. 6th, 2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
The moment those words left his boy’s lips, he lost his mind to sheer need.

“Say it again.” He demanded, his voice dropping to a soft, pleasant growl. Slowly, he slid down that body, eyes scanning every straining muscle, listening for every hitched breath. He wanted his boy on the very edge before he pushed him over.

“Fuck me.” Xander breathed again, breathlessly sweet as he had before, which was very sweet indeed.

Very sweet. Giles was almost tempted to stop, so he could let him regain a little sense, then take it away again because it was so amusing to watch. He was two fingers deep now, shoving them inside and scissoring that hole apart, marveling at how tight he was. Every move made Xander shudder, cry out for him... By now, he was clutching that rope, tugging at it as if it was the only thing holding him to this earth.

“Again.” He demanded, tongue working its way down his spine in a serpentine motion. He wanted to hear him beg, feel his need in every nerve and tendon beneath him.

Fuck me.”


Please Fuck Me, Giles…” Xander panted, arms stretching against that rope as his ass rose to meet his finger’s thrusts eagerly. His back, littered with scars, flexed and twisted beneath him as if to prove it was still part of a living thing.

He kissed the small of his back, just beneath his Trall-demon scar, leaning up a little to murmur against his skin. "Your scars. They remind me of how easy it would be to lose you."

"I- Oh God, Giles, can we please save the sentimental moments for when you're not about to screw me blind?" The boy panted, rocking his hips back on the Watcher's
fingers, voice broken into needy little breaths.

He ignored him, jamming his fingers into that body harder than he'd ever intended in punishment. But that was alright. Xander seemed to like it, the way he threw his head back and yelled, form shuddering like he'd caught a chill.

"But they also remind me of all the times I've saved you. Healed you." He breathed the words, resting kisses down that scar again, fingers twisting to touch new places, give him new feelings. "I look at these scars, and I see my handiwork, keeping you alive for another day."

"Please..." Xander was gasping, body twisting against those fingers, not even certain of what he was feeling, what Giles was doing to him. "Giles, please..."

"I feel..." He whispered, moving slowly up his back, hand still working those digits into that hole, stretching it apart, making room for what he needed. But he had to say this first. Had to let Xander know exactly how serious this had become. "I feel like I have rights to you, when I see them. Like I could possess this body. Because I've saved it so many times, I've earned it." He paused his fingers, body shelling over his boy's, lips barely a centimeter from his ear. "Touching you like this... makes me want to keep you."

It was only when Alexander Harris, the ever-moving, ever speaking ball of energy, went completely still and silent beneath him that he realized just how much those words meant.

To both of them.

He pulled his fingers out, and the boy moaned in sheer desperation.


“Hush.” He murmured, blindly reaching for his nightstand and grabbing the lube he’d left there.
He poured a liberal amount into his hand and began to wet his own swollen cock, barely able to keep from coming at the sight before him.

The thought of being inside his prize was the only incentive he needed.
Jul. 6th, 2011 09:02 pm (UTC)

Xander was tight, almost too tight, and as Giles slipped the head of his cock inside the twitching, clinging opening he had a moment to consider that Xander might have been exaggerating his experience, that “a long time” might have meant “never.”

But there was no time to consider that, because the boy was now pushing back into him, then down into the bed, rocking Giles deeper and faster than he had intended.

But Giles was too far gone to complain now.

With skills born of too many demonic-possession-induced orgies to count, he kept his orgasm at bay, let the waves of pleasure pass over him without getting swept away, and soon was back to concentrating on Xander’s reactions.

Xander was whispering something continuously, and to better hear it Giles stretched himself back over the boy, moving with him, for a few beautiful moments, with his mouth positioned directly on the back of Xander’s sweat-soaked head. He kept his weight evenly on both arms, holding his chest just barely above the younger man’s back, keeping the rhythm smooth and easy. It was tender, calm and loving moment.
Then he realized just *what* Xander was whispering and the crashing waves threatened to pull him away, body and soul.

Jul. 6th, 2011 10:39 pm (UTC)

His oh-so-manly pleading was cut off with a loud, strangled moan as the man who now completely controlled every nerve in his body made them scream with pleasure and pain, sinking his shaft into him completely, filling him. And nothing had ever felt so good. Nothing had ever felt so right.

It felt so right, he arched into it, losing all his breath and some of his brain to get closer. And above him, he felt Giles trembling, trying to hold back, trying to keep himself restrained. Well, fuck that. He didn’t need Giles restrained. He was supposed to be the one doing the restraining. Hence, the rope.

Speaking of the rope, he wondered what would happen if he held on to it for leverage, and spread his thighs out just like that and Oh My GOD Best Idea EVER because it brought Giles in so deep, Jesus Christ, and made his ass clench--

Bloody Fucking Hell!” The Watcher choked, his hands fisting into the sheets beneath them, his hips pistoning erratically into him as he tried to come to terms with the brilliantly tight tightness that was holding him captive. And, wow, just like that, Xander had him. Like a willing slave. He was doing exactly what Xander asked him to do, fucking him, pounding into his ass like he was trying to break through him, and according to the labored breathing and the way his whole body was shuddering with bliss, he was loving every second.

Xander decided to test this theory.

Fuck me, Giles, do it.” He gasped, rolling his ass back into that fat cock, letting it push inside him until he saw colors and lost all his breath. His fingers latched around that rope, and he held on, wrapping the slack part tighter around one wrist so that his spine was bowing out and his head was falling back onto Giles’ shoulder. “Please. I need it.”

Giles’ hands landed on his hips, and he cried out, his cock ramming inside him stiff and slick as his thighs slapped against Xander’s ass hard enough to feel like a spanking. And it was so good he saw lights, colors, stars, and forgot what he was trying to test until the man inside him lost all his control and sunk his fingernails into his skin, coming inside him with a groan that Xander would remember for the rest of his life as the number one sexiest sound he’d ever heard.

The cock inside him sputtered come over and over again, and he heard himself whimper a little, his own erection still sitting up and ready to pop against his stomach. But Giles was still shuddering.

He looked over his shoulder at the dazed man still inside him and grinned, nearly forgetting about his own pleasure at the sight of the Watcher’s.

This must be what lightning feels like, He thought, mind still a little gone with need. when it strikes somebody who was really asking for it.
Jul. 7th, 2011 08:32 pm (UTC)
Gingerly, with little gasps and moans, Giles withdrew and pulled away from him. Xander watched his face closely….the face of man he had feared and respected (and occasionally crushed on) but now it might have been the face of a stranger for all he recognized it. The faces he made, and the noises he made, because of me….

He expected Giles to collapse on the bed. If he did, Xander would pull out the slip knot and collapse in his arms. Collapsing on top of each other and resting was usually how it was done (assuming you had been fucking in a bed) in Oxnard.

But Giles wasn’t collapsing. At first his face clenched, as if he were in pain. Then he stood and left without even looking at Xander.

Xander bit hard into his lip and turned his face to the bed. Don’t panic he’s not saying anything he’s just going to the bathroom he’s not regretting it he’s not calling it a mistake he’s not he’s not just calm down…..

Xander heard the water running in the little bathroom, then Giles reappeared with a wash cloth. Xander forced himself to stop biting his lip, forced himself to breath regularly. He didn’t risk looking up a Giles, and Giles didn’t speak.

Xander didn’t speak either. More than once in Oxnard, achingly lonely and desperate for home, Xander had mistaken hot sex for something else. Those more experienced men had been forgiving, usually, but it was still an embarrassment he did not wish to engage in again.

At least Giles wasn’t untying him. When he started untying him, the sex part would obviously be over.

* * * * *

Damndamndamn, there was so much more I wanted to show him, we didn’t even get to be face to face… Giles pulled away carefully and wanted nothing more than to collapse on the bed, gods knew he hadn’t come that hard in……years? Ever? If he let himself lay down now he’d certainly fall asleep, and that wouldn’t do at all. So he heaved himself up and into the washroom for a clean cloth. There he heard, for only a moment, the voice of Ethan whisper.

You were supposed to catch his essence in a new white cloth, if you wanted to unhex him, did you forget that part?

“Oh, we’re not done for the evening,” Giles silently told the lewd voice in his head as he reentered the dark bedroom.

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Jul. 31st, 2011 10:09 pm (UTC)
holy fucking shit! *fans self* you two are dangerous together lmao. that's just wow, seriously intense and hot and omg i can't wait to see their reactions when they realize giles had the wrong idea the whole time. total awesomeness, i want more :D
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