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Stories: Masterlist

So, I figured that I'd post a masterlist of my stories, since all the cool kids are doing it. That way, getting to things will be a lot easier for everyone. I'll update it when new things are posted and such. :)

Here goes nothing:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Spike/Xander (Spander)

Dang Me (PG-15, Language)
One-Shot: Spike and Xander get drunk while the power's out. Spike learns the Legend of Droopy Harris.

Treading Water (PG-15, Language, mentions of Xander/Jesse, and Xander/Bad!Guy before the Spander)
Four chapters: Xander accidentally summons a "genie". And learns that grief can't be soothed by magical means.

Apart (R, Language, Sexual Content, mentions of Alcoholism)
Four chapters: Annoyed with their constant bickering, Willow spells Spike and Xander apart. But it turns out the boys really do need each other.

Evil Things (PG-13/Light R, Language, Dark!Xander)
One-Shot: Xander has dug a hole. Now it's time to fill it up.

Orbit (NC-17, Language, Recreational Drug Use, Sexual Content)
One-Shot: Spike witnesses Xander getting high and screwing around with an idiot named Steve in the alley behind the Bronze. He joins them.

Paper: Follow-Up To Orbit (NC-17, Language, Sexual Content, Recreational Drug Use)
One-Shot: Spike reconnects with his inner poet as he and Xander get stoned together.

The Three Dog Nights Series (NC-17, Explicit Sexual Content, Language):
Never Been To Spain | Let Me Serenade You | Shambala
Three parts, in a total of eight sections: Spike catches Xander reading a book on how to seduce demons, and offers to... "tutor" him on the subject. This is just wonderful, since the demon Xander had been hoping to seduce was Spike.

It's Been A While (R, Language, Phonesex, Brief Allusions To: Spike/Angel, Xander/OMC, Spike/OMC)
Three Chapters: Xander and Spike reconnect over the phone. And realize some things.

Romance Is Dead (NC-17, Cowrite with amyww, Smut, Violence)
An old friend of Xander's shows up to interrupt his and Spike's Halloween night. In the process, Spike... learns a few things about Xander.

Doin' The Pouncing (Light R, Language, Implied Sex)
Spike seduces Xander over the course of three breakfasts.

My Cruddy Valentine (Light R, Language, Implied Xander/Bad!Guy)
Valentine's Day Fic! Xander has been experimenting with guys... Of course, he's Xander, so he winds up experimenting with the wrong person. Total cliche fluff.


That Comment!Fic With Witchway (NC-17, Explicit Sexual Content)
Part One | Part Two

Rizzoli & Isles


Fluff (NC-17, Explicit Sexual Content)
Both figurative, and literal.
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Pick-Me-Up! Drabble Prompt Post

So, I was chatting with dragonyphoenix about how we're both feeling rather morose lately. And we both kind of sighed at our lack of ability to write when dealing with a nasty bout of the blues. But-- I came up with an idea to help:

Introducing Skuzzy's Spander Pick-Me-Up Drabble Fest!

Open To All Spander and Spander+ Pairings, this drabble/prompt post is meant to be a generator for sunny, fluffy, cavity-inducing Spandery goodness. After all, what's a better blues-obliterator than Spander fluff? Nothing, I say. Nothing. 


1) Participants may come in at any time, and post their drabble for any prompt. Once their drabble is posted, they may post another prompt, which other participants may respond to. Participants may post as many prompts and drabbles as they like. I will attempt to keep a master-list of prompts in an LJ cut in this post.

2) All prompts are Things That Make You Happy. Anything. Chocolate. Kittens. Your favorite stuffed teddy that you've had since you were five. Anything that can pick you up from a bad mood, or at least help you cope. Words, pictures, quotes, etc. All of it is accepted. 

3) NO UNHAPPY ENDINGS! All drabbles must end on a positive note. This post is meant to cheer people up!

4) All Posts Are Drabbles, Ficlets, or One-Shots. What is a drabble? (obviously it's your work, and you may expand upon it, but I'd prefer it if gigantic multichapter epics not play out in my comment threads here.) 

Starter Prompts

Erotic Fiction
Orange Juice
Raw Cookie Dough

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Happy, Fluffy Spandering!
Team Schmoop!

My Cruddy Valentine [S/X, Light R, Oneshot. Team Schmoop!]

Title: My Cruddy Valentine
Written For: kinda_gay 's Valentine's Challenge: Team Schmoop
Fandom: BTVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Light R 
Warnings: Fluffish, References to Xander/Bad!Guy, cliche/overdone plot, with an odd off-canon take on Spike's "claim" over Xander in "School Hard"
Summary: Xander has been experimenting with guys. Of course, one night, he experiments with the wrong person.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I make no profit from this fic.

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Team Schmoop!

Skuzzy's Little Life/Interest Poll

It's been a long few weeks, yeah? Miss me?

Ugh-- this is the worst season for me. And the worst semester. My apologies for being out of touch-- It appears I have lost half my brain to schoolwork.

I wanted to let you all know that I'm still thinking of you, and Spander. Been rereading my old fics and started-fics to pass the time while I try to dig myself out of the semester hole. <3 Also, been reading your stuff too-- just haven't been a good reviewer.

So, luckily, I have an excuse to write Spander right now. I'm on the Schmoop team for Kinda Gay's Team Angst vs. Team Schmoop Valentine's Challenge (going on all February, thank God). Which means, I get to write fluff. So...

Poll #1819192 Team Schmoop Spander Poll

Tell me what you want:

Love Poetry
Handmade Card
Candlelight Dinner

Tell me what you need:

Outdoors Sex

How can I make your life complete?

Nightmares Forever!

So, Anybody For Some Happy? (also, snippet!)

Hello, all.

So, I'm realizing that Skuzzy's Spander Pick-Me-Up Drabble Fest kinda died, but I'd like to revitalize it, if you will. I'm going to answer some of the prompts from before, and if any of you have new prompts or answers, please feel free to post them. I'm kinda dying for some cheering up.

In the meantime, have some of this:

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Paper [S/X, NC-17, Oneshot]

Title: Paper
Author: skuzzbopper
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Parts: 1/1 (Oneshot)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual content, recreational drug use
Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS, or any of the characters therein. Also, I do not advocate recreational drug use. I make no profit from this fic.
Read This First: Orbit
Summary: Xander and Spike screw around while stoned. In the process, Spike reawakens his love for the written word.

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The Last Exam...

Dun dun DUN!

Yep. Last exam of the semester. Doing it today, so that I can get it over with before its due date, Friday. Because I refuse to procrastinate when there is only one thing standing between me and my vacation.


That's why I'm still on livejournal right now.
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