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Welcome To The Garbagerie.

Just Follow The Happy Feet.

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If you're wondering who I am, there's not much to tell you.

I'm a student and a writer, bored out of my mind and attempting to hone my abilities in a place that won't judge them academically. I have several fanfiction accounts on here, mostly because my tastes change per fandom, and I absolutely hate it when I make friends with someone in one fandom and find out that they're squicked by my OTP in another.

I don't post anything unfinished. I HATE it when a good story never gets finished, and I feel like it would be completely unfair and self-serving for me to post one chapter of an epic story just for the encouragement. That, however, does not prevent me from posting a bajillion snippets of things, as long as I feel like the story is on the road to being done fairly shortly :)